sábado, 8 de dezembro de 2012


I will shine more than sun.
I will find what i want.
I'll be more that motherfuck.
I will show you what is luck.

You did not trust me.
You said i'm crazy..
I want you to hate me
Because now i'm LTZ.

Because I'm shinning on your mind
And you dont find me by your side.
Because I'm shinning like a star
And you dont know it.

You are so fool. Don't meet the fame.
No life, no change, you are the same.
The same mistake about some time ago.

You'll not enter, this is my game.
You are a looser, don't be afraid.
You're not alone..
The whole world have people like you
No luck. no shine. no bucks, just fool.

Don't you remember me?
Fuck off. I know, you do.
What do you say right now?
You don't need to say nothing.
Just listen and watch me.

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